The Best of Ted

by Ted Lehman - Songwriter

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This is a compilation of my most recent recordings as well as some of my fan favorites. It runs the gambit from folk and bluegrass to Rock Country and Blues and everything in the middle. I hope you enjoy it.


released August 15, 2012

All songs written by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) except where noted.
Published by APR Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Ted Lehman - Songwriter Baldwin, Georgia

Ted Lehman was born on Long Island, a child of the 60's & 70's when he began writing songs and performing them. Ted's music has been covered by many other independent artists over the years. Ted is interested in more artists covering his songs, licensing his compositions and recordings for TV, Film, and video games.
For licensing inquiries contact APR Music Publishing, LLC
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Track Name: The Better I Was
The Better I Was

Words by Ted Lehman and Nancy Lehman, Music by Ted Lehman
Copyright © 2011
Verse: (G) C-G-D-G-D-G-D(C)G
Bridge: Dm-Am-G-Am-Dm-Am-C-D-G
Chorus: C-G-D-G-C-G-D-G

I’ve been around
Done lots of stuff,
some of it easy,
Most of it tough.
I tell lot's of stories
folks can’t get enough,
the older I get
the better I was.

I was the leader
of a rock ‘n roll band
I got people dancin'
with a wave of my hand,
I was king of the world,
universally loved.
the older I get,
the better I was

If I got your ear
then you got my love
the older I get,
the better I was

I was better than most
you can't prove me wrong
I do my thing
like singin' my song
I don't do it for kisses
don't do it for hugs
the older I get,
the better I was

the older I get,
the better I was
Don't got any proof
what I say is the truth
it's all up to you
to call my bluff
the older I get,
the better I was
Track Name: My Side
My Side
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © Copyright 2005

I went to my favorite drinkin’ hole
Lookin to unwind
Suck up some suds with my buds
Just to pass the time

Hanging with my good ol’ boys
Was good up to a point
someone started talkin’ politics
and fired up the joint

My side is the right side
And don’t you disagree
Cause I’ll argue with you every time
Until you agree with me

the next topic was religion
and then they started talkin’ sports
That whole crowd started getting’ loud
you’d think it was the peoples court

Soon I was wound up pretty tight
No matter where I turned
Someone was trying to pick a fight
And I was getting burned

My side is the right side
And don’t you disagree
Cause I’ll argue with you every time
Until you agree with me

I didn’t want to contribute
To enter into the fray
But when they started in about my girlfriend
I knew someone would have to pay

So there I was clenching my fists
And yelling at the top of my lungs
All at once it occurred to me
“I hope no one’s got a gun”

My side is the right side
And don’t you disagree
Cause I’ll argue with you every time
Until you agree with me
My side is the right side
Everyone else is wrong
Drink your beer and shut your trap
And just leave me alone

How come you’re so self righteous
You got answers for every question
When ya act so high and mighty
It gives me indigestion

why should everyone have to think the same
why do they have to think like you
when you’re fightin’ with the whole wide world
it just makes you the fool
Track Name: Hard to Get Away
Hard to get Away

By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright © 1980-2011

When It's All laid down beside you
You're not sure if it's always there
Starting from the beginning
is like fallin' down the stairs

the past is always with you
no matter how you try to change
even in a brand new place
you can feel the past again

you can feel the hurts the pains and the joys
you can feel them every day
it doesn't matter how they come
it's hard to get away

It's hard to get away
across a thousand miles
It's hard to get away
from the good times and the smiles
it's hard to get away
from all the hurts and all the lies
that you might as well try to live with them
and stop asking all the why's

So ask a thousand questions
drive yourself insane
cause what you do to improve yourself
causes many things to change

what hurt before will hurt again
what felt good will still feel good'
the times are different and the place is new
things have happened that never could

So here I am right here and now
moving at my own pace
trying to push myself forward
it's so hard to get away
Track Name: Back to the Blues
Back to the Blues
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) © Copyright 2012

I'm feeling down and dirty
I want to hang my head and cry
I'm needin' my prescription
to ease my troubled mind

Can't ignore what I'm feelin'
that would make me a fool
there's only one solution
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

this life that I am living
is filled with shades of gray
Every lesson in my life
I learned the hard way

I'm standin' at the crossroads
which way will I choose
goin' 80 miles an hour
Gonna' Get Back to the Blues

feelin' bad can feel so good
feelin wrong can feel so right
feelin' sad aint always bad
gets me thru the night

there's 3 sides to every story
yours, mine and the truth
there's an answer to my question
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

bottom line feelin' fine
aint all it's cracked up to be
cause feeling blue, can get you thru
it's always worked for me
gonna let myself go, don't you know
time to set myself free
getting myself back to the blues
is where I wanna be

Gotta' Get Back to the Blues
Gotta' Get Back to the Blues

That's where I wanna be
Track Name: Superman Fan
Superman fan

By Ted Lehman & Randy Bishop Copyright 1998

(A-G-D-A-G-D-E) ([D-A]D-F-G-A) (E-D-E-D-E-A)

I do the right thing
I do the wrong
might not be cool
might need to belong

I like cartoons
and cooking shows
I like talkin' trash
it's cool you know

I can't fly or see through walls
if I jumped off a building
I'd just fall
can't run faster than a train
I'm tryin' my best
my hair's turning gray
sometimes you gotta make a stand
I'm a good man
I'm a Superman fan

I'm not really a hero
I'm not really bad
mostly I'm mellow
and sometimes I'm mad

it's all in your mind
it's all part of a plan
who is to say
who is Superman

Superman would always
find a way
for more than the love of
Lois Lane
try to do the right thing
every day
truth, justice, and
the American way
Track Name: Radio
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright © 1980

I wish I could hear my music
On the radio
The words I write on many nights
come deep within my soul
I sing with lots of feeling
and there's one thing that I know

It would really feel good if I only could
Hear my songs on the radio

From Coast to coast
from sea to sea
everyone would hear my tunes
in cars and bars
both near and far
everyone would croon

When we're work and playin'
In the morning in the evening
you could hear my playing
and I could hear you singing

Everybody's got music
Everybody's got dreams
All I really want in life is for
everyone to sing
Track Name: Momma Told Me
By Ted Lehman & Randy Bishop (ASCAP) (c) 2005

I lost all my money
My house and my car
Got holes in my shoes
But I can't go far
Been down so low
Been up so high
But losin' it all
Can make a grown man cry

Chorus: My Mama told me
That life can be cruel
You gotta' work real hard
Don't act like no fool
Mama told me
My Mama told me (repeat)

You know I drowned all my sorrows
With a bottle of Jack
It made me feel better
So I kept coming back
My woman she left me
She left me here all alone
You know that I'm hurtin' baby
Right down to the bone

Bridge: All these years
I've been singin' the blues
Lord I'm so tired
Of paying my dues

I've been all alone
Without even one friend
I keep coming back
I keep trying again
The songs that I sing
They come from my heart
Won't somebody listen
I'm not too old to start
Track Name: If You Told Me
If You Told Me
By Ted Lehman © Copyright 1998
[(Asus-a)F#m-Bm7-Asus-A] Verse (D-Bm-D-Bm-Em7-A-D) Bridge 9Bm-A-D-Em-A[Bm-E9]-Em7-Asus-A) Chorus

If you told me
The sun would not shine
If you told me
no more mountains left to climb
If you told me
that the world was flat
I could live with that
If you told me

If you told me
it all could be gone tomorrow
If you told me
we had nothing left to borrow
If you told me
the sky was fallin' down
I'd still be around
If you told me

If you told me
that the wind wouldn't blow
If you told me
there's no place left to go
If you told me
the stars wouldn't shine
I'd still be fine
If you told me

If there was nothing
in the world
but you and me
that's all I need
to be happy
Just you and me

I don't care what happens out there
as long as we're together
if you were to say
you were leaving today
the pain would last forever
Track Name: It's About My Life
It’s About My Life

By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) and Randy Bishop
© Copyright 2005 Ted Lehman

[G-Bm-F] [Am-F-C-D] [(Em-F-G) (Em-C-G-D-Em-F-G) (Em-C-G)] [Bb-F-Bb-A]

Why are you standing outside my door
When I told you to leave me alone?
Don’t you think if I’d wanted you here
I’d have called you on the phone?

It’s not a matter of what you do
It’s more about what I’m going through
It’s not about you
It’s about me

It’s about my life
About what I want
Finding who I am
Knowing who I’m not
It’s all about loving, hating, passion, and playing
Destiny, fate, do you hear what I’m saying?
It’s about my life

Never mind wasting time on me
‘Cause I’ve got things to do
Right now I gotta’ be free
And you just gotta’ be you

Every time I think about the way I want to be
I can’t do what I need to do
When you’re a part of me

It’s about my life
Track Name: Old Friends
Old Friends

Written by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2000


I was lookin' through some old scrapbooks
Sittin' back remembering when
The best of times were those good old times
They won't ever happen again

It was the people not the places
Not a post card will be sent
When we went our separate ways
What happened to you old friends

We are all doctors and lawyers and bureaucrats
We're all mothers and fathers today
We were once sons and daughters and very much shorter
When I love you was so hard to say

High school doesn't seem long ago
when the work was out weighed by the play
when coppin' a feel was the biggest of deals
before we went our separate ways

college days are so fine to remember
drinkin' beer after beer every night
we were drivin' our cars and cruising the bars
and some times an occasional fight

where are you now old buddies
it would be great if we all could go home
cause' being together would be so much better
than remembering you all alone.
Track Name: The Band
The Band
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright © 1977

Why can't I write a tune
I can't write a song
been trying for a couple of weeks now
and something's going wrong
Almost everything's going wrong

The blizzard of 77
has brought to Buffalo
lots more than white stuff
much more than you could know
I just wish I could go

I need the band
it helps me to survive
yes I need the band
just to stay alive
here I am between bands again
I think I'm gonna' cry
I think I'm gonna' cry

my bucks are down to zero
so is the degrees
even my house is very cold
I think I'm gonna' freeze
turn the heat up please

School is almost over
I really do not care
academic Bull Shit
I sit in classes and stare
I really do not care

Then it's all over
what shal I do next
hit the road or stay in town
or maybe take a rest
I guess I'll do my best

Hanging out in limbo
what a place to be
the world is caving in again
what will become of me
I'll have to wait and see
Track Name: Old Man
Old Man
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright ©2011
Intro [F-C-D][F-C-G] F-C-G-D][(C-D-G-F-C-G(G-D)][(Bm-Am-G)C-D] or G-D)

When I talk to the younger generation
and their eyes grow wide with fascination
it's so tough to tell them the truth
about the world we imagine in our youth

Many roads lead to many places
no way to know what road your heart graces
flying blind through life, there is no other way
find something sweet, make the most of every day

when we're young we dream of fortune and fame
finding someone to share our life and name
we struggle with our passions and our fears
as the days slowly turn into years

When he was young
my son wanted to be like daddy
I told him "be the best man you can be"
"make time every day to be happy"
"and don't grow up to be a lonely old man like me"
"and don't grow up to be a lonely old man like me"

lonely old man
I'm just another guy
lonely old man
looking to get by
lonely old man
I wound up in a place
lonely old man
I thought I'd never face
Track Name: Between a Rock
Between a Rock

By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) copyright ® 2005

E (BASS E-D-C-B) Am-G-E(BASS) [Am-Bm] Am-G-F-E(BASS) Bridge [Em-F#m] Am-G-F

Between what is right
And what is wrong
I find myself
Where I don’t belong
And step up to the plate
follow my heart
I find my self here
Between a place and a rock

Between a place and a rock
I’m getting squeezed
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Is where you will find me

The choices are mine
Sometimes it’s not
Stuck inside my head
In my mental block
I give you what you want
Then I hurt myself
you take what you need
you don’t share the wealth

Between a place and a rock
I will never be free
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Is where you will find me

When I say what I think
I’m called intense
There’s no way to go
That’s not at my expense
Every path I take
Leaves me worse then before
There’s no good choice
There is no right door

Between a place and a rock
I can’t meet my needs
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Is where you will find me

My health is gone
friends and family too
I’m hurting someone
No matter what I do
So I find my self
in this limbo
It’s the phantom zone
With no place to go

Between a place and a rock
I’m getting squeezed
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Between a place and a rock
Is where you will find me
Track Name: Always Love
Always Love
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright © 1980-2011

It's always Love that's driving me crazy
It's always love that's makin' me lazy
it's time to go and don't I know it
it's time to go will I blow it

it's gonna' be hard to leave you
tough not to see you
when I'm out on the road
you know that I'll miss you
when I'm away will you miss me
will you be wishin' to kiss me
I'll be thinkin' of you
goin' back to my baby
Track Name: I Want My MP3
I want my MP3

By Ted Lehman (ASCAP), Copyright 1999


I want my own jukebox
That I can play on my PC
Carry around my digital sound
I want my MP3

There is so much talent out there
And no one hears their song
Makin' music because they love it
They have been ignored too long
On the net they have found a home
A place they can belong
Artists go direct to fans

Don't wanna' go out in the freezing cold
Or drive through the snow and sleet
I'd rather stay home and download
I want my MP3

You got classical and hip-hop,
rock and roll and blues,
you got alternative, and folk,
Jazz and comedy
All of it very cool
Power Pop, and Latin are pretty hot
Look for me in rhythm and blues
New country and bluegrass
all have all paid their dues

I want more than the radio plays
brought to you, by the powers that be
I want to hear what you like
I want my MP3

I want my MP3
Playin' the songs I like
I want to play who I want
I believe I have the right

The record companies don't like it
The retailers are saying nay
SDMI is dying
Folks are doing it any way
Pirates are still pirating
That never went away
It's not gonna' stop the progress
MP3 is here to stay

I want my own jukebox
That I can play on my PC
Carry around my digital sound
I want my MP3
Track Name: Tellin Lies
Tellin' Lies
By Ted Lehman (ASCAP) Copyright © 2012

What ever happened
so long ago
Time to get over it
don't you know

telling lies
to make yourself look good
feeding the gossip
in the neighborhood

you're not happy
without a dog to kick
when the truth don't work
you do something sick

you're always sneaking
round behind my back
doing me damage
playing me for a sap

exactly what you're telling
no one will say
exactly what you're selling
will come out some day

the truth will be told
when you're dead and gone
everyone will know
that you been doing me wrong

the world is getting smaller
your lies are getting taller
hurting me won't make you a star
hitting me when I'm down
might work for you now
in the long run it won't get you far

stop telling lies about me
stop making up stories
that should not be believed
stop telling lies about me
why don't you just leave me alone
why don't you just go back home

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