Hard To Get Away

by Ted Lehman - Songwriter

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This song is about how hard it can be to get over it and get on with life. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, those disappointments are still creeping around in the back of our minds.


Hard to get Away
By Ted Lehman Copyright © 1980-2011

When It's All laid down beside you
You're not sure if it's always there
Starting from the beginning
is like fallin' down the stairs

the past is always with you
no matter how you try to change
even in a brand new place
you can feel the past again

you can feel the hurts the pains and the joys
you can feel them every day
it doesn't matter how they come
it's hard to get away

It's hard to get away
across a thousand miles
It's hard to get away
from the good times and the smiles
it's hard to get away
from all the hurts and all the lies
that you might as well try to live with them
and stop asking all the why's

So ask a thousand questions
drive yourself insane
cause what you do to improve yourself
causes many things to change

what hurt before will hurt again
what felt good will still feel good'
the times are different and the place is new
things have happened that never could

So here I am right here and now
moving at my own pace
trying to push myself forward
it's so hard to get away


released January 1, 2000
Written, recorded performed and produced by Ted Lehman (ASCAP) (c) Copyright 2000-2011



all rights reserved


Ted Lehman - Songwriter Baldwin, Georgia

Ted Lehman was born on Long Island, a child of the 60's & 70's when he began writing songs and performing them. Ted's music has been covered by many other independent artists over the years. Ted is interested in more artists covering his songs, licensing his compositions and recordings for TV, Film, and video games.
For licensing inquiries contact APR Music Publishing, LLC apr@tedspromotions.com
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